Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things to consider of buying your Planner buddy 2012 :)

Few to days to go before the year 2011 will end. A lot of store/ bookstore have their own Planner product and even coffee shop around here have their own gimmick to get some of their items. From cheaper price to expensive item that you can get, but the question is, how can i pick? What are the things that you need to consider?

Are you the type of person is always on-the-go?
Small planner will be your best friend of the year! One of the example product for you is from Papelmelroti. Most of their planner have summary of the month, that you can see in one whole page in each month. They also have, reminders at the corner for things that you want always to remember. 

Pages from Papelmelroti

You might want  Starbucks Planner 2012

Do you want something creative, funny and unique?
The good thing you will see in Holiday Bazaar, you will find creative and unique planner for 2012. I highly recommend you The Filed and The Slate. Those planner have their own unique approach of designing your planner. One of the cutest feature in Filed is you can draw your mood of the day, on the other hand Slate has random things to do checklist and adorable picture that will entertain you the whole year. 

Pages from FILED Planner 2012

Pages from THE PLANET SLATE Planner 2012

You want something formal?
One of the sensational freebies for this year ending is the planner from Starbucks. This planner will help you to manage your week. Each page has day to day planning for 7 days and for the opposite side is Notes that will help to remember you things-to-do for the week. 

You might like also my personal choice freebies from Figaro Coffee Shop. This planner has a big writing line that suit with my big handwriting and its bigger than SB 2012 planner. The appearance has sophisticated old feeling of notebook and that's why  i love it :) 

And if you are the type of person that really embody feminism?
Belle de Jour the perfect planner for you. This planner will embraces your woman-ism, they have their own quotes for your everyday journey Plus, has a lot of discount coupons entirely for the year. One thing i like about this planner it will help you to manage your day hourly (12 hours) if you are kind of person that want on time for your duties this will help you a lot.



  1. I love you post Berna, thanks for the tips. I love the Belle de Jour. :)

  2. Thanks jhaki!!! :) see you tom!!! :)


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