Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party at Sofitel :)

This year is the most memorable for me. First, we survived the first year of being newbie in business venture and because of that we met a lot of beautiful people, and be one of our best of friends. This year ending celebration we really make sure that is the greatest party ever this year. 

Bonding with girls before going to swim
L-R Kat, Andrea, Jhaki and Jaye

Coffee time

L-R Aries, Jhaki, Kat, Jaye and Andrea

L-R Andrea, Loren, Carol, Marian, Jaye, Aries and Kat

And for my Outfit of the day :)

Before going to swim

Top:  Greta
Short: Forever 21
Accessories: Rajj Bead and Crafts
Shoes: MYNK


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