Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Erzulliefication!

Last Christmas eve, my sister was the hostess for this year. Even my father is not here with us, we make sure our celebration will be happy. On the other story, I'm thinking on what im gonna wear this Holiday, So i decided to wore my personal favorite 2 items from Erzullie- Fierce Plus Size Fashion this Holiday 2011

My TOP is cowl neck straight cut leopard . My BOTTOM is cut and sew black skirt
with black stocking and my current favorite shoe from MYNK dark blue wedges shoe
 both from SM Dept Store



 12:00 mn we had dinner together. and gift giving

 **sorry for the digicam date** 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Way Back-Packing! :)

Me, my brother and my sister, went to Three different Asian country in One week last four years ago. The reason we decided to explore the three main country here in Asia because,  me and my siblings graduated almost same year and this is my father's gift to us. As i remembered, we started our "Back Packing" experience from Singapore City. We had two days to explore the city.

Me and My sister at Merlion Sentosa

One of the roof top display at the Mall Singapore

Me and My Brother

Going to Siloso Gallery Sentosa
Across Orchard Road

   For our next destination is Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Since Malaysia and Singapore are really close (8 hours) bus ride. We decided to visit also KL Malaysia. And for my personal experience KL is my fave to visit. The food and people are beautiful! and the stuff there is very cheap compared here and from Singapore.

going to Genting Highlands
Accidental Gay Bar bonding
Petronas Tower KL
After getting at KL, we immediate went to Genting Highland/ Amusement Park and we took 1-2 hours bus ride from KL to Genting, 10-15 mins from terminal to Park with 5mins walk to main park. I know it took a lot of time but, it was worth it. We took several extremely ride from the park.
Entrance Park

First Ride

Second Ride

Third Ride
Next is, Phuket Thailand! after getting there almost 5 in the afternoon. The next day, after we experience the "Real" Thai massage in Phuket. We went to Phi-Phi Island and visited a few beaches in the Island.

The last but not the least City! Bangkok Thailand! We stayed in Bangkok for 1 day (our last destination) we shop till our budget was gone :) that time, the price of BK clothes and MNL are almost the same to cheaper than Manilas. 

168 Shopping Mall version of BK

Long life.. The King! Birthday Celebration of the King

Going back to Manila

After long exciting and tiring week we finally go home. This experience really build my enthusiasm about traveling more place inside and outside Philippines :)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Sendong Relief

After the unfortunate event that happened to the South, this entry might help them. 
For more information click here. Please share the word.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party at Sofitel :)

This year is the most memorable for me. First, we survived the first year of being newbie in business venture and because of that we met a lot of beautiful people, and be one of our best of friends. This year ending celebration we really make sure that is the greatest party ever this year. 

Bonding with girls before going to swim
L-R Kat, Andrea, Jhaki and Jaye

Coffee time

L-R Aries, Jhaki, Kat, Jaye and Andrea

L-R Andrea, Loren, Carol, Marian, Jaye, Aries and Kat

And for my Outfit of the day :)

Before going to swim

Top:  Greta
Short: Forever 21
Accessories: Rajj Bead and Crafts
Shoes: MYNK


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