Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last week, i just posted my first getaway (backpackers style) together with my best friend in Tagaytay. :)  And today, I'm going to post the part 2 or the 2nd day being there. On our trip that day, we started waking up 7:30 in the morning. The weather is so cool and breezy just right amount of sun and wind, you will feel the calmness around the place. When we finished our breakfast we immediately went to Good Shepherd Convent. 

Good Shepherd Convent is known for UBE Jam and sweet delicacies makers. They make the product manually. The place are huge enough to appreciate the beauty of the hill and the freshness of the air, thats why most of the people would go to that place is to relax themselves. The people around the convent  was very friendly too. It was overwhelming that day....  so if you want to listen to yourself by relaxing and just want to see beautiful scenery. I would recommend you this place :)

For our lunch, we proceed to Sonya's Secret Garden, it was a bit too far from our place (Tagaytay Inn) about 30-40mins ride from Olivares Plaza but the waiting is worth it. They have a mini buffet that you can customize with your favorite flavoring at your table served by waiter.  With complete set of meal from Appetizer - Main course - Dessert. And if you want to give yourself a break, Sonya's also is perfect for you. They offered variety of service from Spa massage to foot massage and for "Pasalubong" you might want to try their Panederia which sell lot of original recipe and freshly baked.

We taught it was not enough for one and half day to enjoy the stunningly amazing place that god created. We definitely going back in Tagaytay for quite sometime. 

***Love lots***

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