Monday, December 12, 2011

Port88 Bazaar :)

Our Last bazaar for this year at Port88 with some guest, friends and Erzulliestas! The event is main for Christmas  you will see my outfit on that and together with my best-friend. 

        The event has a lot a a great feature store, and my one of my favorite is Sole'd overshoes. They really provide comfort from rainy days season, waterproof and you can wear in the shoe inside. That's why they have larger size of shoe. :) but for i would like it to wear without the shoe in it. 

Funny poses while waiting :)

 With friends and our current Icon Khris Guarin

TOP: Tomato

SKIRT: Erzullie

BOOTS: Mendez

ACCESSORIES: Rajj Beads and Crafts

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