Monday, March 12, 2012

Mist of Summer! :)

The Hotness is on!!! When every I go outside our house, i feel the heat just minute after taking bath. 

I remember when, we went at Boracay last 2008 with my Best friend's family.
 The locals and the beach really makes me feel happy... 
When I touched the white sand, i feel like I'm touching a shredded styro-foam in a fine texture of dirt. I'm so miss them... :)

Here i post my favorite picture... 

Francis..  Raisa's Nephew

Francis "cute face" with me

Arrival at Kalibo Airport

Island Hopping 

Puka Beach after lunch 
At the other side of Boracay Island

I love this!!!

As usual making our jump shot


Banana boat ride
after banana boat ride

I know!!! I'm scared..
 Uhmm... really miss them... Love the beach, love the moment of being there..

By: Berna

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