Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NEW YEAR!!! Start give to gain! :)


I know a lot of us, making our yearly New Year's resolution... and of course saving up money is on top of the list. :) i must say... most of us, this kind of wish is so hard to stick with it... for example when we go the mall... we immediate check the latest collection of our fave store and bought what we really like...  Aminin!! :) its a women's guilty pleasure. :)

That's why, i thank Lorna (Extra Seksi) and Mitch (Feastful Life)  for creating such a great idea! These two Sizzling beautiful ladies the "master mind" of Pinay Curvies presents their 1st event this year ( and hoping for more).

Want to join? These info will help you a lot :)--- all from Pinay Curvies
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Pinay Curvies Swap Meet & Greet 2013

Who can join?
This event is mainly for plus size Pinays from sizes L to 4XL and beyond. Swap Meet & Greet aims to unite a community of curvy ladies to be proud and comfortable in their size and, as a bonus, find new loving friends among the attendees.

How does Swap Meet and Greet work?
Think of it like a barter system. After all attendees got to introduce themselves and present their items, interested parties may then offer their stuff for exchange. However, confirmed attendees must understand that there's a possibility that they might not take home an item at the end of the event since not all women have the same sizes or style. But fret not, the Pinay Curvies have a surprise for all. Plus, one of our goals is to make new friends. Nobody's going home empty-handed!

What should I do to join?
It's so easy! 1.) Like Pinay Curvies on Facebook, 2.) Follow @PinayCurvies on Twitter; and 3.) Post about the stuff you'll bring and promote the event on your blog and send us the link (for bloggers only) or send us the photos of your items for swapping to together with your name, size and contact information (for non-bloggers). Please wait for our confirmation via email.

What items are okay to swap?
As much as we want to bring all of our stuff to give away, we are limiting the swap items to clothes (except undergarments), bags and accessories (except earrings and shoes for hygienic purposes) only. Also, we encourage items that are truthfully yours and we allow ukay ukay purchases provided that they are still in good condition.

How many items can I bring?
Confirmed attendees can bring as many items as they want, but we require at least 3 items.

Can I bring a friend?
If you intend to bring a fellow plus size friend, please encourage her to meet the how-to-join requirements stated above. Only confirmed attendees will be entertained. Plus ones (e.g. significant others, family members, chaperones regardless of sex) are encouraged to wait outside the venue. Please be reminded that this is an intimate event for 10 curvy women only.

Will food be served?
Yes. Food menu will be available during the event.

Do we need to pay?
No need. Swap items require no cash nor card swipes. Same goes with the food acquired during the event. It is totally free to the confirmed attendees. We discourage any form of selling during the event.
 See you girls!!! 

Curves with Love, 

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