Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fashion Weekender #3

SWAP MEET AND GREET! by Pinay Curvies
January 20, 2012
Pan De Amerika (Katipunan)

When i was a young, i find really hard to find a circle of friends... who are confident and contented about their body. Somehow, i feel I'm different (in a bad way) because of my size... True! i have a lot of friends but... they really cant help it to tease me being a BIG size girl.. and later on i realized it doesn't matter anymore!! (whheeeww!! Thank God, Grade school and high school are overrrr!!!) As i getting older, networking (internet) was very helpful for me to accept who i am today. 

And one of my greatest "moment" in life was to be part of this gathering "SWAP MEET AND GREET"... i would say... this really opened my eyes that... I'M NOT ALONE! :) theres a lot of sexy happy plus size out there... and its starting to get even BIGGER around you... And there are ready to inspire you! :)

Aside from meeting new people, they have also so called "swap" which basically swapping your clothes with other girls.

The Master Mind (Mitch Leus and Lorna Campilan)


With girls:
Timmy Mariano 
Anne Butawan from Ward88
Tracy Alar

Blazer| Pippa Clothing Blouse| GreeHills Skirts| Berna Made :)
Belt| Torrid

Love and Curves, 


  1. Bongga. Can I grab photos for my blog post about this event? :D

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  2. Thank you so much Berna. I'm truly touched with this post. You have inspired us to push more Swap Meet and Greet in the future. :)



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