Sunday, July 29, 2012

Half- Full Hair

I've been thinking a lot of hair since last year... from grade school to college i had been short hairstyle, after graduation i promised myself to have a long hair... so i tried so many style... 
I've been a Bobcat Short to re bonded long hair to long big curly. 

after a lot of thinking... i decided to have Half-shaved hair... :) THAT'S RIGHT!!! I just shaved my hair! 

From this... hair....

to this!!!! ....

 And just added some more colors to my hair... Chocolate brown :)

Curves with Love, 


  1. TITA LYN.... maganda :) when will I see you again
    ang galing mo naman :)))

    bagay sayo :))

  2. omg.omg.omg. you're so rockin' those curls with an edgy half-shaved head. you look awesome! i got bored with half-shaved style so i went back to a boring bob cut so and will try to grow 'em long so i can try another different weird style. haha! :)

  3. astig! really wanna try it too. but i'm thinking rocking "Ruby Sparks" hair color first.. hehe.. see you on Sat :)


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