Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy back to school---

Finally, a new article for my blog!!! :) As I've said... I'm busy doing something... and that is going to school again. You heard it right! heheh I'm recently enrolled in SLIM'S FASHION AND ARTS SCHOOL. And I'am taking Preparatory Dressmaking while going to the gym almost everyday :) cool huh! :) hehehe 

I will post some pictures around new school.


With their Alumni sample design on the walls :) 

Sample Sketch from Michael Cinco

Sample Design from Oliver Tolentino
Dressmaking Prep Room :) 

Finally i got the chance to wear my first rain-boots that i bought last year in 
Port88 Bazaar from Soled over Shoe. The Boots was very helpful to me... its really a water-proof kinda shoe but the sole of it was very thin... :( so if you have a plan to wear it in a sunny day you will feel heat from your feet :(

And for my Outfit 

|TOP: Link (wore backward) |BOTTOM: Forever21 |BOOTS: Sole'd over Shoe

Curves with Love, 


  1. Hello Titaa :)) Nice school! :)) Is it hard?? :/ Wish not :) Nice day :)) And Nice boots ;)

  2. I want boots! Haven't owned one EVER! XD


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