Sunday, June 3, 2012

A lot at bash- Partee!

OMG! almost a month since i was not able to post new article... I've been busy because of... work and school. busy- busyhan and peg ko ngayon... :) but seriously, It's very tiring to do all :p

But, today is totally different, because i will post my First event this month...

LOREN's Birthday fun party! :)

Aside being one of our Icon this year for Erzullie. We had enough bonding time :)  and funny moment since last year. sooo... last night, we are honored to be part of her Birthday celebration.

Loren, Me, Aries and Christian (Loren's Boyfriend) 

Aries and Me

 Our new friends L-R ( Jean and Len )

  My outfit for the night 

|Dress: Torrid |Blazer: Space |Shoe: Parisian 

Curves with Love, 


  1. You look gorgeous! And bet na bet ko talaga ang hair ni Aries! :D

  2. Sorry late rep.. heheh oo nga eh... super statement ang color! :)


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