Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick post after a fruitful day

Lately,  I'am totally hooked about my new social Instagram. Since i missed a lot of photos to actually post here in my blog, i decided to put it tonight (while i still have energy at this time) :) Here are my Outfit of the day and some of my favorite photos that i posted 3-4 weeks ago.

Dress| thrifted Belt| nava Boots| BClub 

 Top| erzullie Jeans| f21 Flats| bazaar 

Top| CottonOn Vest| thrifted Skirt| erzullie Flats| bazaar

 Me and Aries

Top| borrowed :) Jeans| f21 

Neckpiece| f21

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Curves with Love


  1. IG and Twitter make most bloggers post as quick as a lighning speed, but I'm glad you still shared you fab photos here. I adore all OTTDs, clothes looked great on you!

    Can I steal that neckpiece? lol.

    Twitter: @feastfulife

    1. Hey mitch,
      yeah that's true but blogging is way so much fun :) i hope to see you in IG also. and oh! about the neck piece i borrowed it hehehhe :D i wish i could steal it too hehehe


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