Friday, March 16, 2012

Swimwear to die for! :)

Hello Everyone!

I know a lot of us girls wanting to have at least 2 or 3 pairs/piece of swimwear this Summer! Especially, for a Plus Size like me.. :) Now... I'm sharing these pictures of my few or some :) favorite cuts / brand... that you really want to have in your closet... 

V-Neck One piece with Details 
What I love about this: In my case, I have a fuller size of breast that's why V-neck line will make my breast look smaller. With some details, it will help you to create more curves  


Shirred Bathing Suit

What I love about this: Shirred cuts/styles are my favorite.. It's really covering my tummy without trying to hard to make it smaller by not breathing :) Also, I observed that... shirred swim suit makes me even taller. :)


High Waist Bikini

What I love about this: I love this because high waist will make your waist smaller and make your tummy cover but with a little bit daring by showing some skin :) This must try!! Even a plus size woman can make this hot and sexy definitely!

The brands that I love and I wish to have here in the Philippines

Monif C


City Chic

*** All Photos grabbed at Goggle search***

By: BernaCurves


  1. Where ca I buy those shirred swimsuits?

  2. Hi fae,

    all of them was based from the US. but i got my Shirred swimsuit from Kaiplus.

    Hope it helps :) thank you for reading :)


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