Monday, March 12, 2012

Open for Fashion Weekenders!

Hi girls/boys/gay/becky!! :)

I got inspired with one of my favorite website about Plus Size Fashion.
Since then,  i want to create a Fashion Weekenders! This is about me posting other "Fashionista" people about their weekend... and about their fashion style... whether you are a Plus size or thin, boy or girl... feel free to share your fashion weekend style... even if you do not have website or blog...

You just have to do...

1. Send your picture at least 2-3 picture with your, name or Nickname you want me to write on my article.
2. Location
3. Your style and what your wearing
3. Website and Twitter or Facebook (Optional)
4. A little story about your weekend style.

Send at

I will post at least 3 people every 2nd and 4th week of the month. 

* This is only for sharing...
* No monetary/giveaways involved
* No voting required
--- Simply, we are making this for FUN!

By: Berna

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