Thursday, February 9, 2012

Styles for Date

Since, this month is very special for us-- single or not. A lot of us, are have their own ways to share our love in love-ones, friend and family. In my case, I'm single but after years of doubting finding my "True Love" finally today, I decided to find my "One True love"... 

And for this blog entry, i will share my ideas and inspiration for your style in your "date"-- If your single, you'll never know, in this outfit you will attract your prince charming, and If you are in a relationship, this might help you to build your relationship even stronger and romantic. :) 

*Choose your Style*

The Girly Styleis about the right balance between Sweet and Sophisticated.
Phot Credit: PlusModelMag
Photo Credit: MadisonPlus
Photo Credit: Erzullie

The Boho Girlgirls with Free Spirit with a hint of Carefree style to match. 

Photo Credit: PlusSizeDresses
Photo Credit: Erzullie
Photo Credit: FashionIndie

The Edgy Lookshowing your inner Rock Star adding your Feminine touches

Photo Credit: Erzullie
Photo Credit: BloomingDale's
Photo Credit: BloomingDale's

The Classic You- the style is Crisp and Clean with understatement Simple Silhouettes

Photo Credit: TheCurvyfashionista
Photo Credit: BloomingDale's
Photo Credit: PlusSizeShoppingBlog
Readings from: Seventeen | Ultimate Guide to Style 


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