Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fashion Black Friday

I was so inspired by Plus Model Magazine about their blog FASHION FRIDAY. This is about letting the readers to send their own style, after approving they gonna post the reader's sent picture to their blog every Friday. I was lucky to be approved by them, so they posted my picture last February 3, 2012. :) I was so amazed by that :) hehe.

So today, I'am going to write my own Fashion Friday. The title would be "Black Friday"

|Top: Bazaar Eastwood |Maxi-Pants: Erzullie
 |Thin Bracelets: Bazaar |Flats: SoleMate at SM Dept Store |Satchel: Parisian 

By Berna


  1. Woot! Woot! :)

    Pareho tayo, I got a pair of Solemate flats, too. Mine is in hot pink.

  2. Hi lorna!!! heheh i got two! blue and dark blue
    mura lang kasi eh! i got them Php 399 for 2 items
    Nice deal! :)


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