Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lifestyle Tips #2: Perfect jeans? Where are you?

A lot of Plus size women ( including me) having a hard time to find a perfect fit for jeans. For so many years, I keep on looking brands that would cater my size. I know, a lot of International clothing brands are opening for us but... still I have fitting problems. 

These are my usual problems
* Too loose at  the bottom, too tight on waist
* Too long :(
* Camel-toe in between area
* Muffin top

are you with the same problems? 


Last week, I found THE ONE! Hehe ANKLE CUT JEAN by JAG. Why am I in love with this?
                  TOP| Maldita X JEANS| Jag BAG| Tomato SUNNIES| Jellybean SHOE| CLN

* I don't need to cut the excess length
* No camel-toe
* Lift my butt :)
* Perfectly fit on my bottom part 



Lastly, they have for Plus size ( size 31 to 38) Isn't great?? You may try also FREEGO! They have sizes 31 to 36. 

Curves with Love,


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