Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PRETTY HURTS: Wrath of Plus Size woman who have been bullied

Hi girls! I know it has been a while. I miss doing this. But today, I will not post OOTD like before. Instead, I want to share my feelings… It might be harsh to others but… This is my first time to be open regarding my “bully” experience.

I wrote this today, because I am tired listening to the people who were hurting me since I was in grade school until today.

Wrath of a Plus size woman who have been bullied

I AM BERNA CUEVAS… YES! IAM A BIG FAT WOMAN! If you do not like it, it is not my problem anymore! Deal with it.

I know a lot of plus size girls experience bullied by friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and mostly by their families. It is hard to be okay, if your own house was filled with negativity. I have been bullied so many times. 
When I was young, I cried and brush it off whenever they would call me names, telling me that I’m gonna be alone (nobody will like me to be their girlfriend/wife) or I will be infertile forever. 
 Today I have realized that I was too scared to stand up for myself thinking, I am going to be disrespectful to answer their hurtful and judgmental words towards me. Enough is enough!!!

I am fat when I was young until now! If you do not like me being fat, Shut your big mouth... YES! I ADMIT I AM NOT PHYSICALLY HEALTHY. SO ARE YOU!
 Whoever reads this post, I want you to know. You are Amazing! They will turn you down… It will be painful, but when the time comes… you will feel indestructibly happy about yourself --- plus size or not.
By the way, thanks to this song. Gives me a lot courage. 
Love with Curves,


  1. I agree! We are beautiful no matter what. And they can not change it!

  2. Thanks Mau! :) I hope other plus size women would realized that :)

  3. Hi Berna I've just discovered your blog today.. I must say that I admire you and I like what you're doing.. Thanks for empowering curvy girls like me..

    1. Hi MC Hizole! your welcome :) I hope your doing the same :) because your beautiful :)


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