Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little time and a Big fun (Panglao Island Bohol Trip)

Me and my bestfriend loves "beaches"!!! and the food around the resorts. Then, last year... while watching DVD and browsing net. We spotted a 50% discount flight to Bohol via ZestAir
And Boom!!! without hesitating we booked for 2 going Tagbilaran City.

 Stayed there 3days and 2nights but because of limited flight available we came to Bohol before lunch and we departed early in the morning after 1 day. 
Luckily, we found accommodation at the very nice location front beach away from noisy crowd area and the best of all its affordable! :) and they actually have their own thai restaurant outside. Its Incredibly delicious!

Isis Bungalows Resort (Pathways)

Buttered garlic Shrimp, fresh iced Tea, Iced Latte and Chicken satay
Me and the shore! :)

Rai and Shore  (rain and shine hehehe)
The next day morning, we went to see Dolphins- Balicasag Island to Virgin Island. We rented a boat for(Php. 1500)

*What to see in Balicasag Island and Virgin Island*

At Balicasag- most of the people go there for snorkeling and fish feeding (like we did). A lot of fishermen offered boat going to (fish sanctuary) for around (Php. 250) and for Snorkeling gear for rent(Php. 450) and boat for just fish feeding (Php. 250) plus bread for the fish (Php. 20). Also you can request to the "manongs" to catch Starfish for you :) but of course, bring them back to the water.  
At Virgin Island- a long island with a lot of sea-urchin :) that's why they just allowed visitors to take pictures or just stay on the shore. They don't allowed you to swim!  
Starfish with Rai

Starfish with Me


Fishes! :)

If only, i can keep it :)

Rai at the Virgin Island
 After a half-day of trip we just stayed inside our room to rest :) and again Swim in the afternoon! That night we actually walk around the Panglao Island (thou its not that huge) Surprisingly, we saw a lot foreigners walking and drinking all over the place (its like we are in a different country literally!) 

Me and Rai Patiently waiting for our food to be serve

In this picture i remembered Phuket Thailand

The only area (Panglao) that feels in Ghost town but the rest like Jampack!!!!

These are the pictures taken during our trip!

We will definitely going back! Same place, same food :) We love the ambiance and security. Food, the beach is worth of our budget and time! Its more fun in the Philippines! And one of them is BOHOL PANGLAO ISLAND!

Our Expenses: 2 persons
Flight ticket - 5,000 round trip
Hotel Accommodation- 4,000
Hotel Transfer (VV)- 1,000 Car
Island Hopping - 1,750
Food- 2000+     


  1. So glad both of you enjoyed Panglao, truly it is a nice place! We can't wait to be back there too.


  2. the place was awesome! have fun :) and cant wait to see in you blog post. :)



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