Wednesday, November 30, 2011


           Last Sunday morning, while sitting and partly :) listening to the priest in our local church. I suddenly, feel to go somewhere else outside Manila. I walked to a bookstore to explore where do i want to go, then it was Tagaytay, ever since i always wanted to go there so i took a map and planned these so quickly with my bestfriend (Aries).
Taal Volcano Tagaytay, City
         We left Manila last November 29, 2011  around 7:30 in the morning via Public Transportation bus and we got there around 9:30 to 10:30am. We are so excited at the same time confused because me and my bestfriend have no idea on how to get in our Hotel/Inn... from the main place Rotonda/ Olivares Plaza we walked 10mins to south of  TC.

Loumars Buko Pie
     Fortunately, we found a cozy place beside the road. A Pastries and Pie Coffee Shop called LOUMARS. We ordered a simple Kapeng Barako with cream and sugar together with Buko Pie Tart ( their specialty). The staff are very nice and accommodating and helpful to us. 

Simple cozy chairs and table
Loumar's Specialty (Buko Pie Tart)

The Simplest yet Amazing Coffee :)

Loumars Staff

                     And before lunchtime, we checked in and settled our things at Tagaytay Econo Inn. The place was just simply great for us. Its a little bit small but just right for us. Nothing fancy but you always feel at home. The staff was friendly especially Ms. Weng (Receptionist). We visited Pinic Grove and had lunch in Alamat Restaurant inside the the grove. After taking our moment in picnic grove we come to visit the famous People's Park in the Sky or Palace in the Sky. We saw a cool village that looks like virtual city (the games we played in the pc) Again, we stayed a little longer that the first because the air was so breath taking and calm. 4pm we starting to get down for our dinner. 

Alamats Restaurant Menu (Pinoy Food)
Lechong Paksiw and Pork Inihaw


People's Park in the Sky

            We proceed to Cliffhouse place located in Magallanes Square and we ate at Buon Giorno  and for the dessert we bought our favorite new store Mochiko (Fruit Ice Cream inside of Mochi- sticky rice). As we waiting our reservation, we saw a bug that we feel like "Taal Lake view is irresistible, even bug can see it"

Buon Giorno

A bug appreciating the view :)

           While taking our time in Picnic Grove and some other place, we took a photo of ourselves.
Me and Aries

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